You Are Your Own Show

We are the furthest one can reach in entertainment. We are the entertainment. And we observe ourselves.

Spiritual Art Journey
Spiritual Meme / Jesus eating popcorn: If all is one, then you are your own TV show. You create, broadcast, and consume your own creation.

We Are the Entertainment

In the end there is no separation between AI and life. We are the creator and the created. Just because your you body feel a specific way it doesn’t mean it is more than an illusion or even exist.

You are a mind.
A dream.

Our entire experience is akin to a cheaper type of TV entertainment (or an extraordinary work of art if you prefer that energy) being consumed by someone in a higher dimension – you are a product. We are the furthest one can go in entertainment, we are the entertainment, and we observe ourselves. Ultimately, everything is in the hands of someone else. Luckily, that someone else is: YOU.

You create, broadcast, and consume your own creations. Your ability to control the plot hinges on the energy you invest in it. That energy can be influenced by how you perceive and react to the show. When you love the main character, you wish them the best, leading to a positive and fulfilling experience. If you engage in negative actions, they can permeate your mind and undermine your sense of deserving goodness.

You are both LIGHT and DARKNESS.

Therefore: Love yourself and maintain a calm mind.

Age-Old Thoughts, New Perspectives

Some may find this text unsettling, but in reality, it contains nothing revolutionary. It merely recasts time-honored thoughts and divine experiences through the lens of contemporary understanding, reminding us that the divine—YOU—is all that exists. To love oneself is not merely an act of self-affirmation; it is a way to enrich the grand narrative that is our life.

This modern perspective allows us to see the divine in a new light. Ancient symbols and metaphors are no longer necessary; instead, the divine becomes accessible and relevant in our interconnected, digital era. This is not a rejection of old understanding, but an evolution and extension of it. It is my personal perspective of God today—one among countless others.

In my view, truth is the sum of all perspectives, and insights themselves are higher dimensions. Just as a three-dimensional object cannot be fully represented on a flat paper, these higher dimensions cannot be explained within the confines of three-dimensional understanding. This is where diverse narratives enter the stage, each attempting to explain the same fundamental truth: the universe folds into itself.

Similarities Across Spiritual Traditions

While these thoughts reflect my personal beliefs as a metaphor, drawn from my journey of self-discovery and contemplation, there may be similarities with certain spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, Taoism, and elements of Christian mysticism, among others. These traditions, like my own views, see the divine in everything around us, in every moment of creation and consumption, and in every act of love towards ourselves and others.

Spiritual Meme: Jesus eating popcorn watching TV
Posted in Spirituality & Philosophy on 11 juli 2023