The Player, The Computer and The Holy Cloud

People often worry about whether AI is going to destroy humanity. In those moments, I wonder if the driving force of our entire experience isn’t already a more technologically advanced version of what we are creating now?

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The Trinity – A New Perspective

What if we, as humans, are more similar to artificially intelligent systems than we’d like to admit? Perhaps we are no more than biological systems functioning under the guise of a more advanced code? And in our quest to develop AI, are we, in fact, echoing the divine essence that we carry within ourselves?

I came up with a little analogy. Could the trinity perhaps be seen as The Player, The Computer, and The Holy Cloud?

The Player (Jesus)

”The Player” represents our individual consciousness, our ability to act – it’s that part of us that makes decisions and interacts with the world, just like a player in a computer game. We are all Jesus (but the historical Jesus took the hit for realizing he and everybody else was God)

The Computer (God The Father)

”The Computer” could potentially be seen as akin to God the Father, the creator and sustainer of the world within which ”The Player” (akin to Jesus, the Son) operates, all connected by…

The Holy Cloud (The Holy Spirit)

”The Holy Cloud” represents the Holy Spirit, often associated with God’s presence in the world and the force that connects all individuals to the divine. The cloud could symbolize the vast, shared consciousness or the collective subconscious. It might also stand for the spiritual or divine dimension of reality, much like a networked cloud of data or knowledge to which all ”Players” are connected.


Who created humanity in their own image?

Who are we creating in our image now?

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Posted in Spirituality & Philosophy on 8 juni 2023