About Me

Welcome to my blog. I use it to structure, remember, and incorporate profound thoughts and sudden insights into my own daily thinking. At the same time, it serves as a source of inspiration for those interested in spirituality, philosophy, and deeper discussions and ideas about human consciousness. If you’re this kind of person, I hope you will appreciate some of what I write about here.

Spiritual Art Journey

Life, Spirituality & Consciousness

I firmly believe that many of us go through life without discovering the inner power available within us. By deeply exploring our inner selves, we can reach insight and see things from new perspectives – which in turn can enhance our joy of life, security, and strength. Despite not being religious, my journey has taken me from atheism to a deep interest in spirituality and consciousness. This is following my own experience of how a significant shift in perspective, often referred to as an ”awakening”, can fundamentally change us.

It’s like adding a new dimension to our understanding of the world, a dimension that gives us the opportunity to decide whether we should judge events based on our regular three-dimensional experience or from a higher perspective, often referred to as 5D in circles that discuss similar topics.

It is important for me to clarify that everything you read on this blog comes directly from my own reflections and insights. I have not simply ”read about what one should think”. Rather, I have personally philosophized and meditated on these subjects, which has led to insightful visions and ”downloads” of understanding.

The challenge lies in putting these thoughts together into a coherent whole. Therefore, this blog not only serves as a place for me to share my ideas with the world but also as a diary to organize and integrate my thoughts. Deeper insights can easily vanish if they are not incorporated into our daily thought process.

I believe that those who share my observations and reflections on the world can find both utility and enjoyment in what I have to share. I also look forward to a future where the patterns of thought and perspectives I offer on my blog will engage more people. As technology and the internet break down old illusions, I believe we will see an increase in temporary personal crises, but also in spiritual awakenings. These challenges and transformations can lead to a deeper understanding and greater personal development, which is something I hope to support and facilitate through my writing.

A World Full Of Lies

I believe we live in a world that has been shaped by lies over millennia, lies created to more easily control people. I argue that the Abrahamic religions have made the Western world completely lose contact with its inner self. They have tricked people into seeking security in something outside of themselves, rather than encouraging them to find strength within themselves through introspection.

Fear of Death and the Inner Disconnect

By breaking this inner connection, the Abrahamic religions have also transformed death into something extremely frightening, further fueling fear. In contrast, in certain Eastern religions, like Taoism and Hinduism, there is a different view of death that does not generate the same fear.

Fear as a Control Mechanism

Over time, I have come to understand how powerful a weapon fear is for controlling people. Fear lowers people’s consciousness, stops them from dreaming, and makes them blind to their own potential. They become grateful to be able to put food on the table and ask for no more, making them less threatening to power.

Psychedelics, Inner Connection, and Power

Additionally, I believe that the prohibition of hallucinogens is due to this very reason. They offer a quick shortcut to reestablish the connection with the inner self and allow individuals to see the psychological mechanisms that those in power have exploited. They also pose a direct threat to the pharmaceutical industry as they work like a debugger for the psyche, enabling individuals to break free from the depression that may be plaguing them. By quickly and easily seeing things from a different perspective and recognizing the inner power within, individuals can potentially heal themselves.

Religion, Control, and the Power Within

The Abrahamic religions have severed the connection to people’s inner selves and have scared them with threats of hell and eternal damnation if they do not obey authorities. However, if you saw yourself as eternal and felt the presence of God within you, you would be difficult to scare and control. Here, I believe that Eastern philosophies align better with my views on how things work.

Balancing Perspectives: The Truth in Shades of Gray

However, I would like to emphasize that I do not see things in black and white. I might consider the Bible a lie, but I acknowledge that it still contains many truths. To make a lie convincing, it must appear credible. My view of faith is more nuanced than what is conveyed in this short text, and I hope to develop it over time. I believe that truth is the sum of all possible perspectives.

A Monumental Challenge

Leveraging technology and a network of enlightened individuals outlines a path towards a more equitable world.

Imagine you’re assigned the mission of enlightening an entire world that has accepted misconceptions as truths for centuries. This is no small task, but rather a monumental challenge.

Guided awakening requires a cautious and well-strategized approach. A rapid awakening can result in a chaotic energy discharge, despite the noblest intentions. Hence, it’s essential to ensure a steady, gradual process of enlightenment.

For a peaceful and effective transition, it’s paramount that enough individuals comprehend and articulate what’s unfolding. By creating a robust network of these enlightened ”beacons,” we can initiate a new era and revamp our collective consciousness.

This process may seem complex and at times, frustrating, but it’s the key to fostering a fairer world. Awakening occurs at a pace that’s well-balanced, meticulously planned, and calculated down to the minutest detail. Technology, particularly artificial intelligence, significantly facilitates this journey.

Everyone has a role to play in this transformative saga, in reality and the virtual spaces of social media. My blog is an attempt to help reconnect and clarify the often convoluted path to our inner selves amidst this grand awakening. Together, we can navigate this terrain, encouraging a controlled and compassionate transformation. After all, change is coming.


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