Every being’s a star, no matter where they are

Each individual lives their best life on their own stage, shining brightly in their unique way

Spiritual Art Journey
Shrimp meme

Usually, you can not easily look outside your own consciousness.

Every mind, yours included, is the star of its own show. We each navigate life based on our needs, making us the center of our own universes. Despite our differences, every mind feels like everything there is.

Imagine it this way: as humans, we have needs and senses tuned to our lifestyle—walking on two legs, complex problem-solving, creating art, you name it. But that’s our show, our arena. Similarly, a shrimp in its aquatic ballet doesn’t need a standing ovation from human senses. It has its own performance, its own rhythm of existence, totally independent of our applause.

So, you and a shrimp are not so different. You’re both living your best lives, strutting your stuff on your own stages. You’re the lead in the human opera, and the shrimp is the headliner at the undersea concert.

The bottom line? Whether you’re living the human experience or navigating life as a shrimp in the deep blue, a star is still a star, no matter where it shines.

Shrimp meme
Posted in Spirituality & Philosophy on 1 juli 2023