The Sum of All Perspectives

We all see the world differently, like puzzle pieces making a picture. Everything is linked and plays a game of hide and seek. Together, our views make one truth, and everything is connected in one big game.

Spiritual Art Journey

These images are reminders that each of us views the world from our unique viewpoint, contributing to the grand picture of reality. No single viewpoint can capture the whole image, so we need the sum of all perspectives to get closer to the truth. It’s like assembling a puzzle; each piece, each perspective, is crucial.

Then, there’s the idea that everything is interconnected. It’s all part of a larger whole. In a way, the whole is playing an eternal game of hide and seek, hiding in all these various forms and perspectives, only to find itself over and over again.

Perspectives many, truth is one,
In hide and seek, the game is fun.
From many parts, the whole is found,
In oneness, all is tightly bound.

Posted in Spirituality & Philosophy on 11 juni 2023